IKEA Case Study

Ikea Case Study:

IKEA is the Dutch company (it has the roots in Sweden) which is supposed to be one of the greatest owners of the retail stores selling furniture and home appliances. The full name of the company is IKEA International Group. It is known that the IKEA has Swedish roots and supports the reputation of the Swedish company in all the marketing communications. IKEA was founded in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, who was a perspective businessman since his childhood. At the age of five little Ingvar bought matches in Stockholm wholesome and sold them in his village for the more expensive price.Ingvar continued this business further and soon increased the choice of his production and delivered the goods himself or by post.

In 1948 he started to sell furniture and opened his first IKEA store. The chain of the stores began to develop very rapidly and in 1963 Ingvar Kamprad entered the international market starting from Norway. IKEA is the abbreviation ‘Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd’ which means the name of the founder and the place of his birth.In 2012 IKEA was sold to the Dutch owners and became even more profitable than before. The company not only sells but designs its products in order to satisfy its customers.

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it is an interesting thing that the production of IKEA has the original design and low cost due to the wise marketing and management of the company. For example, the majority of the goods clients are able to construct at home and its makes the product cheaper, as the company does not have to pay for logistics, construction of the products and storage.IKEA is one of the most popular and attractive retail stores for the people who want to purchase original and stylish furniture and home accessories. The student, who has decided to research the case on IKEA is expected to study the production of the company, dwell on its history, the type of marketing and management in order to understand the probable cause of the problem which has occurred with IKEA stores or production. Having analyzed the reason of the problem, one should pay attention to its effect and try to solve the trouble sensibly evaluating the production, quality and prices of IKEA objectively comparing it to the other companies.The right way out of the problem related with the difficulty of writing is the use of the Internet and its sources in the process of writing.

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