Impact of Technology

The invention of portable devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops have had a profound impact on our society.

Simply put, technology has made communication faster, more easily accessible, and cheaper. Because of these three reasons, our society has quickly adopted the use of technology in every aspect of our lives. We use technology everywhere and we are always connected. Since we have become so reliant on electronics, we forget that they can simply stop working, are subject to cyber threats, and need power to run. Once phones or laptops stop working we become panicked and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Our technology has made us become eternally connected and feel as though something is wrong when we cannot answer a text message or play a senseless game when we are bored.

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Even though technology has its negative effects, it has undoubtedly changed the world. For example, now employees of companies do not have to go into a workplace to do their job. They can stay at home and work just as well as if they were at an office building minus the commute time to and from work. Large corporations with international customers can easily communicate anywhere in the world as long as they have internet. People in the United States do not have to travel to Asia or Europe just to hold a meeting.

We simply log onto our computers in the comfort of our homes and conveniently speak with others. Although there are many more benefits of technology, there are just as many aspects of technology that are hurting our society. For instance, our youth are growing up with the need to always be entertained. Parents who have children who are relatively young in today’s world give their children tablets, iPods, and/or phones to keep them occupied. Instead of raising children and teaching them to behave themselves and have self control, they hand them some piece of technology that keeps them quiet and out of their parents’ way.

Although it works at the time when the parents give their children technology, it does not work in the long term because children do not know what to do with themselves without technology. No longer can we go outside and play ball with our friends, but now all we do is play video games on the couch and play with technology instead of going outside and getting fresh air. When we are not in the vicinity of our friends, we are constantly talking to or texting each other on our phones saying senseless things just because we have the ability to easily communicate. Although technology has sometimes been a blessing and we feel as though we always need it, we forget that people have been living without electronic technology for thousands of years. Yet, we live in a society where we have already gotten into the age when we must be connected and to not be so is unacceptable.