Imperialism in Africa

How would your life change if one country came and took over? Well thats what this essay will tell you.

, this will say effects from the past and present day. The main points that will be shown in this essay will be good and bad effects from the time the imperialism was going on in africa. Next will be about the present day effects that imperialism had on africa and the people living there. During the time of imperialism there were both good and bad effects. The good effects were things like new technologies, ideas and an expanded economy to the empire. They got new things and as great as that could sound everything comes at a cost.

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Africa lost the best of their raw materials.The people of Africa got foreign disease, many had no money to pay heavy taxes, even the cultures in africa country was replaced with the culture of the countries that are taking over. So there was both good and bad effects of imperialism but now its time to strech farther and go depper in to the negatives effects to show how bad it really was. It has been said that Africa was one of the worst hit by imperialism. Why? Well as you know there were some bad things to happen like the taking of raw materials and the spread of disease but there is more that just that.

Many people were left hungry because the demand of cash crop which led to a shortage of food leaving people starving. Peoples homes and property were transferred to the authority of the British and many men were forced to leave their villages to support themselves and their family because their were no opportunities for high paying jobs because they were filled by the British. Africa’s culture got replaced by European culture through the educational system. All of the changes made in the culture made many negative effects on religion. So there is bad things going on in africa during imperialism but do the actions carry on and have negative effects in todays world? Yes and no, africa has a strong economic growth and now a rising literacy rate has gone up, Africa has many places that are poor and they lose money.

Places are still using Africa’s natural resources. so africa is still being used today and still poor. So negative effects still happen along with positive things. So imperialism has both negative and positive things that have happened when in Africa. So imperialism has had many negative effects with only a few positives. All in all imperialism was not the best thing to happen to Africa.

So bad things like them taking resources and homes but also brought schools and new technology.Africa is still there and is still going so the imperialism didn’t break them fully.