Importance of an Independent Media

Every morning before I leave for school, I sit in my brightly lit kitchen, eating breakfast in near silence. The only sound is that of the television in the other room, which is almost always tuned into Fox News. I listen as the three newscasters, who have become overwhelmingly familiar to me, discuss important issues that are pressing the nation.

Some topics are fun and lighthearted while other stories are presented in the gravest seriousness, sometimes bringing a tear to my eye. This brief moment is one of my favorite parts of the day. It allows me to stay connected to a world larger than high school and it allows me to form my own opinions on the issues in the media. I consider myself lucky to have this ability. Unlike citizens of other countries, Americans are privileged with the freedom to not only make choices without governmental intervention, but to create a belief system, one of the most personal attributes someone can have. Without this freedom, people, including myself, would lose so much.

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They would lack individuality and open-mindedness. They would live their lives under the discretion, and scrutiny, of the government. They would forget what it truly means to be an American. Without well rounded and fair coverage of nation-wide occurrences, people would be misinformed and lose touch with the world as a whole. They would only be given bits and pieces of a full story, and as a result, important information would subsequently slip through the cracks. When stories are heavily one-sided, I feel as though someone has taken away my right to be opinionated.

Diversity and unbiased coverage in the media is important because it gives people what they subconsciously crave: the chance to be their own person and develop a strong sense of self. The government should not have the authority to take that away. If anything, they should work to create a country that is proud of individuality and is happy when people can agree to disagree.