Importance of Computers to Students

The Internet offers information on just about any topic at the tip of a person’s fingers. Instead of thumbing through dozens of books to find information, students can refine searches and access information in seconds. Students can also receive more opinions on topics without having to rely on the closest sources of information Technology has been dramatically developed worldwide so far in most of social life aspects, especially Internet and telecommunication. In university, they set up Internet networks to help student connect each other.

Moreover, in daily life each student faces with many other problems requiring the support of Internet connecting with a computer which is necessary to college student for two reasons: storing documents and keeping in touch with others. At the first place, students can use their computer to store important assignments and valuable images.

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Firstly, when being given homework whether in groups or individuals, most of students now type and then print them out with A4 papers. Moreover, after finishing lessons of a day, teachers always send students the lectured slides in class via emails in order to help them revise the knowledge carefully.

Secondly, a computer not only give students chances to easily see family members’ images to partly reduce their homesickness but support them to look back the past moments recorded with pictures with friends, then gain awareness of friendship and be more treasured to present life. In short, a computer seems to play an important role to college students in doing exercises, revising lessons and keeping memory of images. At the second place, students can conveniently keep in touch with their family and friends.

First, a great number of student come to college and live far from home.

They usually fall into feeling of loneliness and nostalgia, which fairly affects their study and life. Therefore, owning a computer connecting Internet helps students update family’s situations and makes them feel secure, be concentrated on study for higher results. Second, most of students tend to keep contact with old friends at high school to maintain the long-standing friendship. They add yahoo nicknames of each other, chat and share emotions together via Internet, which can be the cheapest and fastest way of far-distance communication.

Additionally, entering a new environment means having more new friends who students can share unspeakable feelings and thinking via yahoo or other Internet services with a computer. Generally, in modern society the vital role of computer to people, especially to college students cannot be denied. It helps students keeping safely important documents as well as maintaining the relationship with others . Considering the use of computer technology is almost every sphere of life, it is important for everyone to have at least the basic knowledge of using computers.

Computers in Education Computer technology has had a deep impact on the education sector.

Thanks to computers, imparting education has become easier and much more interesting than before. Owing to memory capacities of computers, large chunks of data can be stored in them. They enable quick processing of data with very less or no chances of errors in processing. Networked computers aid quick communication and enable web access. Storing documents on computers in the form of soft copies instead of hard ones, helps save paper.

The advantages of computers in education primarily include: •Storage of information •Quick data processing •Audio-visual aids in teaching •Better presentation of information •Access to the Internet •Quick communication between students, teachers and parents Computer teaching plays a key role in the modern education system.

Students find it easier to refer to the Internet than searching for information in fat books. The process of learning has gone beyond learning from prescribed textbooks. Internet is a much larger and easier-to-access storehouse of information.

When it comes to storing retrieved information, it is easier done on computers than maintaining hand-written notes Both teachers and students benefit from the use of computer technology. Presentations, notes and test papers can be stored and transferred easily over computer storage devices.

Similarly, students can submit homework and assignments as soft copies. The process becomes paperless, thus saving paper. Plus, the electronic format makes data storage more durable. Electronically erasable memory devices can be used repeatedly. They offer robust storage of data and reliable data retrieval.