Importance of Relativity

The theory of relativity is of one of the most important theories in physics. It has a lot of significance in our life. It is the most successful theory in theoretical physics along with quantum physics.

There are many fields in which relativity plays a major role like sending satellites into space. Basically, these satellites obey the laws of relativity. And these satellites are the cause for your T.V channels, internet channels, radars and live shows. If it wasn’t for Einstein then probably we would not be able to watch television programs, using internet etc.

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Relativity changed our view about the world and it has answered a lot of previously unanswered questions like light captured by black holes, wormholes, time dilation, length contraction, gravity, 4 dimensions of space-time, and the biggest misconception before relativity was discovered was that everything moves relative to each other even light. Relativity cleared a lot of our misconceptions about nature like gravity because he thought that gravity was like magic force and it is pulling each and everything towards the centre of Earth so, people didn’t know that how gravity is produced? Relativity cleared these things by answering that space-time is like a fabric which is curved. And that curvature produces what we call the natural force gravity and due to that curvature space-time is pushing everything down so it is a pushing force. And due to that curvature planets move around the sun. This also explained the impact of curvature on light and that is they are deflected due to gravity that is produced by curved space-time. So, this gave the answer that how light does not escape from black holes.

This is because black holes have a huge force of gravity and that is because they curve the space-time very much. it also explains that except light everything moves relative to each other. So, this is all thanks to professor Albert Einstein who discovered Relativity and he was sure without any doubt a true genius. He discovered a lot of the secrets of comics. With this theory, we are still able to quantumplate secrets of cosmos that are not been discovered now and all thanks to relativity.

So in conclusion relativity has a great impact on our lives.