Imported Petroleum: A Negative Effect

The United States is very reliant on other countries for fuel, importing over 9.

6 million barrels a day. This can be problematic for the United States, causing many issues from economic problems to environmental ones. The United States should make an effort to stop dependency on foreign petroleum. Without imported petroleum, the United States could make further efforts to pursue renewable energy and bio-fuel domestically, and thus boost the economy. The money that we save from stopping import of this petroleum could be used to expand other exports, create even more jobs, and help the United States through these hard economical times. Ethanol, natural gas, electricity, and other renewable and alternate fuel sources are readily available for the American public.

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The Natural Gas Supply Association has said, “There is enough natural gas in the United States to heat millions of homes, fuel our factories, create electricity, and provide transportation for millions of Americans…” We are wasting billions of dollars of resources that could help the United States economically. This change from foreign petroleum could also help the environment. The emissions from the transport of this oil is building day after day with new shipments daily. Those emissions are already polluting the air, without the added pollution of the burning of the fossil fuels they are actually importing. If we stopped relying on foreign oil, the instant effect would be very substantial, with the beginnings of cleaner air.

And, in the long run, the environment would be thankful for the decrease in pollution. One final issue is one of national security. The United States imports 50% of its oil from countries such as Saudi Arabia, who secretly fund terrorism groups. We are giving millions of dollars to the same people who want to end America as we know it. Although the United States is only 5% of the world’s current population, it uses five times this amount of the world’s oil production.

Yes, the United States uses 25% of the world’s oil. Major problems like this will no doubt result in a shortage of oil, and then countries must fight in order to fuel their cities, machines, and more. In conclusion, there are many reasons why the United States should move away from imported oil, because it offers little benefits economically, environmentally, and it could become a massive security issue. In the future, America should really make an attempt to open a field of domestic oil production, as well as pursuing alternate energy sources.