Improvement of a Retail Website

This website has a large amount of information, and is customer-oriented, but in my opinion there is too much to look for, and you can get lost among its details. The design is very pleasant though, and the presence of social media tools shows the owners’ awareness of importance of online marketing and promotion campaign, which is a certain plus. Overall, with all the pluses and minuses, I consider this website pretty well organized and it definitely can make an impact on the business’ potential client amount by boosting it. My observations of the website are: No clear Google listings, citations or review buttons; The website is working too slow; Too much data that is not focusing on selling or presenting a product; No text for the social media buttons, just simple icons; some may not know what are those; Not enough information about the products; at “Featured Artisan” they have just 4 pictures and 1 article, which can suggest to the customer that they are not too involved in the network; Many inbound links; A good variety of guidelines; Clear contact info; Pleasant design; Some empty slides; it is a shame not to use a free advertising or presentation spot; Neat and accurate layout of the online market section; A relevant break down of the website which is based on the categories; Not so many keywords in the URL; Inaccurate listing of keywords on Google; Presence of meta tags; No sitemap; Too much information on the bottom of the page, people tend to get stuck on the top of the page, especially when there is so much information, and so many pictures.

A proper use of animations, gadgets and media; The typography is correct; Presence of the logo in every sub-category; Evidence included for awards; Clear messages without any kind of advertising trickery; No blogging/ forums/ chats; Lack of effective CTA’s which is not referred to costumer directly; Presence of Newsletters.

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