Improving Communication Skills

According to my communication quadrant scores, I am sure that there is need to improve for me to achieve better communication.

I in agreement with my extrovert score it is fair since I am social and I like sharing. However, I have difficulties in communicating my thoughts and feelings to people. Preparedness scores quite high since I seem to create my thought for a lengthy time before taking action. I feel confident that I can improve on my introvert score by improving my assertiveness. I need to reverse my listening skills to an active approach and discard my habitual listening of only what I want to hear.

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The fact that I have a big body is another challenge for I have to be courteous to the colleagues around me. This is my body language and is precisely affected by the work environment. To improve my communication, I have to overcome the demeanor brought by the intimidating character in body guarding industry. The ability to observe other in conversation improves the communication skills for I realize the need to involve everyone. There is a group of people who shy off where the speaker seems to be dominant in his or her speech.

To reach out these people I need to shape my communication skills to involve them in dialogue. If they feel appreciated, they will raise their points and even though they will not win. This will in gathering information and communicating more effectively. The silence, withdrawing and contributing to a conversion is a sign of low self-esteem. It is necessary to have the confident and feeling of being part of the team to listen and share with others. Finally, it is vital to create an environment that is free for dialogue as it encourages even the least motivated to chip in and by that communication will flow smoothly.