A couple of decades ago, a great lawyer and a conservative politician’s radical son brought freedom to a nation that changed the face of the world – forever.

Today, 65 years since then, 120 crore Indians celebrate that reality. And, how. But, our Independence Day is more than just the celebration of a series of events that molded Indian History. It is a celebration of the Indian that lives within over seventeen percentage of the world population. It is a wild and free glorification, a memorialization, a hoopla and a hullabaloo of an identity that is almost always accessorized by the notorious, fine-tuned Indian accent.

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Because, today, we celebrate an India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear of failure. An India that no longer boycotts foreign made goods, but buys out the companies that make them instead. An India that believes that a thousand million candles can overpower the darkest of hearts. An India that thrives in the soft, warm pleats of centuries of unwritten traditions. An India that celebrates the power of love in over twenty five languages.

An India that is a living, breathing symbol of passion. An India that has stumbled, run, fallen, gotten up and dusted herself and cantered. An India that is no longer satisfied being called an emerging economy, a potential superpower. . . or a sleeping tiger.

Because, today, we celebrate an India that believes that an honest voice is louder than a crowd. An India, whose identity is defined by some of the most brave-hearted, beautiful people in the world. An India that is loved.