Individuality Vs. Controlling

Schools try to teach their students to be indepnedant and inform them about making choices for themselves. When i look around, i’ve noticed that the people in my school are being controlled. Everyday they tell us that we need to be ourselves, don’t hide behind something your not. A friends once told me to be myself, and to not hide behind some mask, and to be honest, i didn’t understand him at first, i didn’t understand what he wanted me to do.

We had been at the school for almost 3 years by that point, and i couldn’t just change my image. Looking back, i should have, because if i had changed my image and attitude and had kept the same as when i am at home, i wouldn’t have ever fallen victim to this schools image. People are always different around their friends than they are at home. This is because of what our parents expect us to act like ad when we are at school, we can do what we want, we can be silly, sad, mean, etc. We define ourselves in high school, who you are in high school is who you grow up to be. If your one of those kids who hides behind some mask, like myself, one day you will regret it.

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You will wish to go back and take that mask off and show the world who you really are. I would change this now, but once that mask has burned into your face, it is impossible to take it off. The last year of high school is supposed to be the best. we should be out hanging with our friends and making the world never forget us. I feel like i am losing my friends. Since we all live together, (different houses of course) but since we live on the same campus and we see each other more often, its like we are growing apart as every weekend we would rather be home.

I am losing my friends, they all began to take their masks off and show who they are outside of school, or after hours. It sucks to know who they really are, the type of person who never wants to go out, or the person who would rather be at home with their family than to be out and about with friends, having the time of our lives. This school has turned us into boring little slaves. They tell us when to eat, when to work, when to sleep, when to be quiet and even when we can go home and see our family. This school is all about individuality, but really its a mind control centre that takes us over until we give up or move away. People always say they loved the school, when their on campus, but if you ask the ones who graduated they tell you that the friends they made will last forever, but never having some type of freedom, was the worst thing possible for them.

A lot of teens have freedom at home because out parents trust us, but what happens when a school that is all about “Individuality” take control of the ones they are trying to teach? what are they teaching us? You tell me.