Instruction to Set up a Tent- Mock Genre

Instructions to set up a Tent: Step One: Take the tent out of the package. It will most likely consist large poles that you won’t end up using, and a large, tarp-like sheet that you’ll get tangled in. Look at the instructions and make sure you have all necessary parts, even though half of them got lost while opening the package. Step Two: Stick the poles together to make the shape of the tent. If the poles don’t fit together, do not panic. Tape works too.

Step three: Now that the frame of the tent is done, it’s time to put the tarp on the poles. If the frame is assembled correctly, it should slip right on with little struggle. If the frame is assembled how the average person puts it together, that tape will come in handy again. Step four: Make sure you stake down the edges of the tent cover so it doesn’t blow away. You will need four people for this step, each person holding a corner of the tent. Keep them there until you’re done using the tent.

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Instructions to Start a camp Fire Steps One: Dig through all of your things until you find a lighter or matches. If you can’t find either, rub two sticks together and hope for the best. Step Two: Gather Tinder- Pretty much pick up any sad, dry, dead leaves you can find and toss them in. Step Three: Gather Kindling- Rip up the box from the tent. Use that cardboard as your kindling. That, or you can find a few twigs.

Step Four: Gather logs or bulky fuel sources- Find someone else to do this step. Logs are heavy and give splinters. Have Band-Aids ready for when they return with the wood. Step Five: Clear a circular area where your fire will go: Kick anything out of the way that might start a forest fire and put some rocks around it so your fire will stay in one place. Step Six: Throw tinder and Kindling in the circular area and light them on fire. Step Seven: Take all of the wood that you got and quickly pile every piece you have on top of the kindling in hopes that your small flame won’t blow out.

Step Eight: Enjoy the fire that you may or may not have just started. If not, go back to Step One.