Insurance Definition

Investor defines insurance as a compensation or promise for compensation for a specific potential future loss in exchange for a payment done over a given period. Insurance is a branch of finance that is meant to give protection to either a company or an individual in the wake of an expected loss.

Examples of insurance are life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, house insurance, among others. REASON FOR RESEARCH TOPIC With the changing trends in the globe, it is becoming apparent that people need to cushion their finances against uncertainties like disasters, accidents, theft among thers. Insurance is able to provide a sense of security when it comes to such situations.An emphasis on insurance is perhaps one of the great ways through which the government can reduce cases of over dependency by the citizens. Since insurance encourages people to embrace personal savings, in case of any eventuality like death, the dependants of the deceased can still find a way of moving on, without necessarily having to depend on the government or other bodies for help.

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However, most people have not fully embraced the essence of insurance. According to Wolf, in the USA today, the number of insured people, specifically health inssurance is going down (Wolf R. 2010). This shows that not very many people are exploiting the benefits of insurance. The research will endeavor to find out why many people are not insured and what can be done about the situation. Areas to be covered include: “How many people are aware of the different insurance options in the state? How many people are insured within the state? Accessibility of insurance among different classes of people, challenges of insurance companies within the state.To do the research, the study needs several online reference materials like journals that exclusively touch on the issue of insurance.