Essay on International Business

Introduction International business has taken yet another step forward with the developments being made in information technology. It has now become easier for both buyers and sellers to conduct their business online without having to go through many inconveniences. Some of the internet channels that were mostly used lost their credibility due to the inconveniences that they were causing to buyers (South, 1994). There were many hackers to the sites and hence making them less preferred especially by the buyers, this in turn minimized the use of the internet to market as well as buy products.

However, things have turned out positively for internet traders with the availability of trustable sites. Most people have approved their use due to their convenience and reliablity.The reliability of the mostly commonly used websites for traders can be attributed to their frequent use for servers not only for shopping but also for also other forms of communication (Richards, 2006). Yahoo, Google and Facebook have become some of the most successful sites in terms of marketing products. This is due to their flexible advertising procedures that are sure to reach majority of clients. Every individual using the sites for communication purposes encounters their advertisements. They pop up on the sides of the communication page of which it is easier for them to window-shop and probably buy the products. Compared top other websites where by individuals interested in the products have to log into a specific site, all individuals with yahoo email addresses can access the products advertised withoutt having to look for a specific site (Wiorkowski & Kull, 1992). The fact that the young people for communication commonly use such websites also gives then an added advantage from the other sites that are visited by a specific category of people.

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ConclusionDespite the challenges being faced by internet marketing, its convenience and reliability is pulling more traders and buyers to use it. It is now a matter of making up appropriate follow up to determine the most reliable site and the most unreliable one. Communication sites have become the most reliable due to the trust that their customers have developed towards them. Internet marketing is also not retrained on national barriers and too much bureaucracies and can be accessed in every corner of the world.