International Trade

International trade is contacted across borders. Countries contact exchange of goods and services in order to promote world economy. In many countries, international trade has assisted in economic, social and political growth. In America, international trade has assisted in the growth of the economy and development of other social links which makes America to retain world power status. All countries in the world relate to America in business. America imports the products which are not manufactured from other countries and exports which he manufactures.

Economically, America has been able to get the products which are not manufactured inside the country. Expensive minerals are imported from manufacturing countries. The trade earns America profit, since people pays custom duty fee and other taxes, and this makes America to collect huge sum of tax money. Socially, America has developed international relationships with many countries by joining trade union and other international organizational and this enhances peace. The trade has made America to promote international peace and security. The trade has led to cross culture and exchange of life styles, and in return people of America have developed in living status.

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Cooperation of other community cultural practice enriches the previous culture practiced, and this has made many races in America to develop and reduce poverty. Leaders of trade union have been able to promote their image through trade, and this makes American people to win more votes and hold crucial positions in trade organization and other international unions. The trade has made America famous hence superpower. The trade has promoted the growth of America in many ways but it has negative effects. It has led to insecurity and increase in terrorisms.

People have made America the base for transportation and trade of illegal drugs like cocaine. The benefits of the trade overwhelm the side effects, and that is why America can not abolish international trade.