Internet Addiction

Technology is advancing every day and nearly everyone uses computer or watch television at least once in every day.

People are using internet from their laptops, computers, and smartphones. This is getting more and more serious as each day goes and like many people had already acknowledged it, people of all ages are getting addicted to this so-called internet from all around the world. Human addiction to internet is getting more serious as better technology makes using the internet more convenient and effortless. Now, the internet is causing a lot of damage on students, adults, and seniors likewise and the world has to see the dangers of internet addiction before it’s too late to stop. Nowadays, internet addition is so prevailed that every generation has the same worst internet addition.

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If this trend continues, the society will face the serious consequences.Internet is causing many social problems by people addicted to it regardless of nationality, age, and ethnic and as time goes by, the people who get addicted to the internet are increasing very fast. There is utterly no one who wouldn’t agree to the fact that many kids and adults alike are getting addicted to the internet. They use it day and night, making some excuse of trying to use it more than they are allowed to do. This, is called addiction. And addiction to the internet will leave many people severely injured both mentally and physically.

The addicts would interfere in people’s academic life, especially if the person is a student and is facing a very important test or final. Also, it will worsen one’s eyesight, since staring for ten hours at a computer screen or smartphone screen is bad for a person’s eyesight. And, the addiction can even make a person unhappy just because they’re not using the internet right at the moment. Also, the addiction can cause the mood swings by making a person to feel nervous or anxious when he cannot get an immediate internet access. Secondly, the addicts have less time to do things, since they all spent all their time on the internet.

The internet is time-consuming and as a well-proven fact, addicted people don’t see how quickly time passes by when they are consumed in the internet. It is a proven fact that internet is time-consuming activity and people who are addicted to internet can lose a track time. They walk to a chair and sit there to use the internet. Then, in a blink of an eye, they look at the time and a whole lot of time has passed since they sat there. However, of course, the addicts feel like they just sat there and just started using the internet. This is very common and it’s not even uncommon for non-addicts to act this way either.

It’s just the fact that time flows by quickly and people don’t have time to realize how much the time has passed until it’s too late. Anyhow, the most important and significant damage the internet does to a person is that the internet doesn’t give a person a chance to think. When addicts use internet and when people become addicts, they look and they search and they do everything they want to do. This makes them happy, but they lose the ability to think and analyze and actually learn stuff. Of course, websites like cnn or nytimes are helpful.

However, if people don’t read actual books and just read fan fiction or web novels, they will eventually lose the ability to think and analyze and have opinions. Internet addiction is getting more severe every day and many problems arise because of it. People get mentally as well as physically hurt because of these addictions and they would waste their time and lose themselves in the waves of the internet. Of course, most importantly, when getting addicted to the internet, a person will lose the ability to think and be themselves. They won’t have a opinion and just drown themselves in the currents of the internet.

These reason and many others explicitly verifies that internet addiction is seriously becoming a huge problem in every corners of this earth and that the addiction might even be considered as a mental illness, since the problems it makes is far too great for the others to just ignore.