Is Going to College and Incurring Debt Worth It?

Today in America’s society, young adults in high school are being shown that the ideal way to have a successful life and career is to go to college and get your degree. Some young adults take another route and go straight into work, but why? Majority of high schoolers choose to go to college and to get their degree and then put that degree into use when getting a job after college. But, what about those other young adults who get a job straight after high school, you think why they might not want to get a degree.

Just imagine all of that time and labor investment they put in there high school days to just go a get a job and not putting all of that knowledge to use. Well, we think maybe they are just lazy and do not want to put in more effort, but maybe their mindset is that going to college and getting their college degree comes with a price; that price is incurring in significant debts. Understand that some young adults do not find college to be worth all of that debt one brings upon themselves, but it really is. All of the time and labor investment that you put in is so beneficial. You will have so many employment opportunities when going to college and getting your degree.

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I think that this issue is very crucial to discuss. It is something I would love to solve in a sense on why kids will not choose to take such an awesome “gift” that is being given to them. This whole idea about is college worth going to because of all the debt you are incurring is just crazy talk. It is significant to me because I want to go off to college and I thought about the pros and cons to college. I feel that it is truly beneficial for a lot of people.

Just think about the career you choose and what degree you go for; the higher the degree, the more employment opportunities you have and the more money you make to to pay back all of the debt. The steps you could take maybe prevent the amount of debt is to just make a plan of action. Plan out what you want to do, and what makes you happy. Plan out the costs and how much financial aid you will need. Plan out payments that you will make and make an estimate on how much you plan on making with that degree and so on. If more young adults thought that way and took the time to plan out the financial aspect of college, they would not have those thoughts about if college is worth incurring all of the debt and they possibly might steer in the direction of agreeing with this article that inccuring all of the debt is worth going to college.