Is it worth it?

At the end of every academic school year I was always required to recite a short story while someone was taking notes on my mispronunciation and words i might have looked over, it was always the same story every year filled with words that were particularly hard to pronounce and made for you to trip over, aside from this fact the story they made us read was DEPRESSING!! The story was about a bright man (Whose name and origin i could never say properly) who exceled in school became a famous scholar, he spent the prime of his life traveling the world drinking with his friends doing what he loved.

He always thought that one day he would just magically fall in love with a woman who would be as beautiful as a goddess, smart and witty. but as he got older he could never find a woman who meet all of his extraordinary high standards so by the end of the story he dies all alone, with no family by his side. By the end reciting all of this I was usually just glad to be finished that i really could have cared less what this story was trying teach me, But i think i have finally realise why i always had to read this story, it was never about the pronunciation (Like i always assumed) but the deeper meaning to this story is you could be a freaking genius excel academically, go to an ivy league school Hell you could even find a cure for cancer, but would it really be worth it if you ended up dying all alone? I think according to today’s society this trap would be easy to fall into, if you asked most college students today if they would ever get married their answer would probably be somewhere along the lines of “Yeah when I’m much older, after i pursued my career or traveled the world ” now I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing because it seems its almost plastered into our brains, but then when we are older we just assume our Goddess/Prince Charming will just be waiting for us whenever were ready for them like their just some T.V. show we Tvoed sitting there waiting for us to press play this is simply not true! In conclusion, We all have to ask ourselves, If we excel at our education, and careers (Or whatever the case may be) would it be worth it if you had no one to share it with?

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