Is School Better With or Without a Uniform? Narrative Essay

In my opinion the school uniform is better without then with. From having dress down day the school will corporate much better without uniform, due to the fact that people can come to school comfortably they will be willing to learn more and stay more awake in school. Not only that they say uniforms help students but some parents aren’t able to purchase school uniforms like others are. But everyone does have outside clothes that make them feel confident in as well as what they can afford to their extinct. Others might state that having non-uniforms causes bullying but in my opinion having uniforms or not either way can cause a form of bullying.

Bullying is an everyday life experience sadly but that would be a huge factor due to the reason why we have uniform. Another reason why people might disagree is because having uniform creates chaos around the school, the fact that students are more comfortable with themselves on how they are dressed vs being in school uniform. There have been multiple ways i’ve tried to get rid of uniform or otherwise people are going to continue to not obey the policy regardless. It will have an positive impact if having no uniform is taken away, ways I feel as though are going to help is the grade percentages go up, students are going to want to be in class more often, as well as participating in class. If students learn to follow the current uniform now then maybe we won’t have a uniform policy it’s all about us students to help the policy be effective.

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We have decided and came to the conclusion that we are going to do a test trial and see how much students are affective without having a uniform policy. And if students are out of control and can’t be handled then we are going to go back to the uniform policy if it help continue to keep order.