Is Time Travel Possible and Is It Happening Now?!

Throughout our life times the Age Old Question has always plugged at our brains: “Is Time Travel possible?!”..

.Well today I can confidently say: “Apparently it has already happened!” According to 27 years young successive inventor Ali Razeghi, from Tehran, the possibility for Time Travel isn’t that far away now as he has already invented a machine that although doesn’t take you to the Future it does takes the Future precisely to YOU! Read on for more of the scoop… Iranian Scientist (and Managing Director of Iran’s Center for Strategic Inventions) Ali Razeghi has claimed to have discovered and registered the near secret of ultimate Time Travel with a creation of his which can predict (with 98% accuracy) the future of its user, within a single touch, between 5-8 years flat.

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Fitting easily into the size of a personal computer case and using complex algorithms it prints out a clear and accurate report from the readings given from that persons, I would presume, DNA, carrying on to detail the neighbouring 5-8 years of that person’s life. “It will not take you into the future; it will bring the future to you.” Quoted from the man himself to The Telegraph (

uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/9985757/Iranian-scientist-claims-to-have-invented-time-machine.html) Published:: 8:27PM BST 10 Apr 2013! He has exclaimed to have been working on this particular, out of his other 179 inventions, for the past ten years. An amazing tale at least, but is it just that, a story? A deliberately elaborate made up fantasy for the clever appreciation of our ravenous desires for very now 21st Century Sci-fi?! The Deputy Minister of Science Research and Technology (Mohammad Mehdinejad Nouri) definitely seems to thinks so, as he so proves in his interview with Fars News Agency (

php?nn=9107160122) published this April on the 12th 2013. But is that just government power trying to falsify his actually true invention?! How can we know for sure…? Mr Razeghi has already stated that his Government has decided most promptly to keep the most groundbreaking ‘story’ the 21st Century has ever seen – if proven true – under wraps for fear that “the Chinese will steal the idea and produce it in millions overnight.” Now this makes me think…if The Deputy Minister of Science Research and Technology has already dismissed this as false, and the story seems to be spreading that way, then why if it is so mythical and unworkable is it being stored by the Iranian Government for fear that the Chinese Government could steal it and perform it in millions themselves?! What would they exactly be stealing? What are they hiding? The machine itself was inspired for the purpose of helping both the Government and people get ready for events, such as if there was a major natural disaster or war coming on they would soon know about it and be able to deal and/or prepare for it! So it makes sense for the Government to pay Mr Nouri (DMSRT) to dismiss it in such away to create a wave of doubt over the rest of the world, for however much we’d all love there to be an influx of new scientific knowledge (like this I mean) for our future we cannot bring ourselves to ever believe it is happening “now”, that is what makes this story so easily false, as a worldwide nation we find it hard to deal with the change of culture and our knowledge right now is our culture! Is it True, false are you on the fence? – would you LIKE it to be true? … why is it so important and shouldn’t we live in the now, should we really be meddling in something so powerful?!