Is Zero Tolerance Effective

Zero tolerance policy is widely used in schools since the 1990’s. It’s a very positive policy and works well. It originally was just a year suspension for having firearms or any other harmful object. Now it has evolved to more than one thing. Such as minor consequences for bullying, fighting, using drugs or alcohol, and even swearing or wearing “banned” types of clothing.

This policy helps with reducing the problems in schools like we have had throughout the years. It’s shown to decrease numbers of violent acts, violations, and better students. The problem with this is that sometimes the policy is false. This can occur when the administrator, or one dealing with the situation is bias, or deny that it happened because of a lack of proof. These are some of the negative sides that can give a child adult-trust-issues, lack of social skills from being harassed, and negativity or fear of school. With a lot of schools turning to technology in schools, we have the problem of increases of cyberbullying.

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“We’re seeing an increase in cyberbullying incidents as more and more children have access to social networks,” said Lee Stafford, director of student services for Bay County Schools. “It seems like every time you think you’re starting to get a handle on it some new technology emerges.” This is really big problem. New forms of bullying are emerging all of the time. With the advances we have, it’s making it even easier, and very few people get in trouble.

The policy works very well if used correctly. If schools use this as part of their systems, we will have less bullies and bullied. If not, there will only be new ways to bully and make the problems worse, making emotional and physical damage to both people worse. “The key is we try to keep the kid who is having the problems as safe as possible,” Deputy Dawn Branning said. Middle through High School is a very crucial time for kids and teens who are being bullied, or anyone really.

There’s so many uncertain things that middle schoolers are dealing with,” Stafford said. “They’re trying to figure out where they fit in terms of social groups… .” It’s a hard enough time without a bully tearing you down. “Relationships are a frequent seed for discord,” Branning said. Most people have fallen into relationships at these peak times, also another way of finding your group. Some of the problems will stem from the relationship or from others views.

This is a great policy for schools to use because of the positive effects it can have on students with being better students and all over people. It has shown to help with many problems. Schools will benefit from this greatly.