Islamic revolution

Islam is a divine act of submitting to the creator by his sown will. It goes beyond faith and obedience. Nonetheless, revolution goes beyond mere knowledge of the will of God. It is more than the issuance of proclamations that must be obeyed without asking any questions. On the contrary, it should be a close and intense relationship between God and humanity.

Therefore, it is important that people are fully aware of the idea of Revolution in Islamic context against the atomistic background view of reality. In this regard, this write up seeks to give a deeper understanding of Islamic Revolution. The Quran is the equivalent of the Bible in Christianity and it is meant to lead the Muslim to act and live according to the doctrines of the creator. In fact, the word Quran originates from an Arabic word that means recite or read. This word was meant to be recited by everyone who believed in the message that was passed cross by Mohammed. This is why you will find that most devoted Muslims have mastered most parts of the Koran in their memory.

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The Muslims believe that the Quran was send by God directly from heaven through the Prophet Mohammed. In the book of Surah 16:101, Mohammed states that the Quran was written by God and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, since the holy book was written by God, it is the clearest and truest peace of literature in Islam and the correct form of revelation. Nonetheless, it should be understood that the physical Quran is a reflection of the eternal and uncreated Quran which is referred to as the ‘Mother of Book’. Therefore, it is a symbol of the Devine Will of Allah. The Quran states that God communicates to every creature its survival instincts.

Through the normative laws, He communicates to the stars, moons, sun, day and night to occur in a specific way and not to over step their limits. This is clearly shows that everything in Islam is what it is because of the will of God. This is why the Quran asks how human beings can reject to have faith in God and yet he has submitted to them everything on the earth and the heaven. Therefore, everything that might appear to be because of the course of nature, such as the gravitational force, are expressions to God. Islam insists that every human being was born with some understanding of God.

This kind o knowledge is a form of innocent faith that is expressed in every new soul. Prophet Mohammed states that every child is born a fitra before his parents transform him to other religions. Therefore, a child becomes a Muslim if his parents are of the same faith. In fact, the Quran even states that you cannot change God’s creation (30:30). This is indication that every individual is created with some understanding and knowledge of God. However, it is upon God’s prophets to guide human beings to live according to His will through the revelation.

The Islamic Revelation can be traced back in history when all human beings were still in the form of atoms, as ideas in God’s mind. This is evident in the Quran when the children of Adam assert that they heard and witnessed that He was not their lord (7:12). This is a covenant made between God and every human being to understand his sovereignty. Every other human being continues to echo this message through prophets. Nonetheless, man in his foolish has on several occasions acted against the will of God. However, because He is so merciful, he always finds it in his heart to forgive them of their wrong doings and ask them to repent and come back to him (33:75).

This implies two critical principles about human beings. First, it is an indication that all human beings are sinners because they acted against God’s wishes. On the other hand, it reveals that human beings are a reflection of God’s image on the earth. These principles are demonstrated in the Quran when God considers Adam and Eve as sinners who beg for forgiveness from God. To understand Islamic revelation better, there is need to consider the theory of reality. This theory has been developed in such a way that it makes it easier to explain the origin of the universe and its working process.

Good enough, the theory is accepted by every orthodox schools, although with minor variations. The theory has been able to uphold the Muslim faith which is a very key issue. This is based on issues such as the sovereignty of Allah and the law of nature as indicated above. However, Sensusi presents a point of view of the orthodox by arguing that apparent causes have no effect on anything they are associated with either by creation or nature because they are temporal. Although such as view of reality explains the causality in human beings and preserves the divine freedom, it does not give room for a man to act by his own senses and point of view.

This is an indication that although man is considered to be the greatest form of creation, he is totally depended on the wishes of Allah. This makes him more or less a puppet. It also gives an impression that Allah created everything so that they may do only that which he wishes. It does not give man room to be creative and responsible enough to take care of his own needs. Therefore, only what Allah wishes to be done makes sense but everything else is useless.

Morey refers to this form of revelation as the “Pantheism of Force”. This is a situation where Allah does it all, absorbs it all, and He is the only one who can state whether to destroy or preserve anything. Nonetheless, this line of thinking is critical in understanding Islamic Revelation because in Islam, man is associated with any direct communication. Even the most critical messages from Allah are passed to human beings through the prophets and angel Gabriel. However, special revelation in Islam is not based on history.One important issue that cannot overlooked when addressing Islamic Revolution is the existence and nature of Allah.

It is very complex to describe the Muslim understanding of Allah’s nature. For starters, the Allah, is a term that underscores the fact that the Creator is may much powerful than His Creation. This is a man who does not share his likeness with any other person. Therefore, it is absolute blasphemy to compare Allah with any other creation. Such an understanding creates the attitude of full submission by human beings to the creator.

In addition, no one should question the will of God. Ayoub alludes to the fact that the Quran presents Allah as one who does everything the way He pleases and is not governed by any rules. It is clear that Islamic Revolution is immeasurable. The Muslim believe that every creature was created by Allah and no one should question his will. In addition, Muslim understand that Allah uses Prophet Muhammad to communicate with his creation.

Therefore, no human being has direct communication with him. Nonetheless, Islam calls for voluntary but willing devotion to Allah.