It will end

Sometimes, while we are at school we feel like it will never end, whether we want it to or not. What we need to remember is, school is not forever, neither is college, and one way or another we will have to face up to the real world. Shouldn’t this be the exciting part? Surely we should be looking forward to earning money doing something we love. What we need to realise is that we will not always be enclosed in this routine, everyone else calling the shots. One day, sooner rather than later, we will be thrust into the unknown and we need to be ready.

At school we can ‘try again tomorrow’ but sometimes that isn’t an option when faced with real life problems and not just problems in Math class. Yes, practice does make perfect but you can’t travel through life sitting down expecting everybody to teach you and give you instructions about what to do. The most important thing is to do your best to prepare yourself for the future now. School is not forever and even if you don’t enjoy it, there is something better around the corner, waiting to be discovered. Never give up hope and never give up trying, school will soon be just a distant memory.

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