It’s A Murder Mystery

Rudolf Hess was the head deputy of the Nazis, third person in power of Nazi Germany. He was known for his solo mission in Scotland to make peace negotiations with the Duke of Hamilton. When he came there he was arrested by prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill. He was one of the major leaders who were standing trial in the Nuremberg Trials, instead of being executed, he got a life sentence in jail.

It was reported that he died hanging himself with an electric cord in his summer house set up in prison at age 93. But some conspiracy theorists think that he was murdered because he would reveal ignominious information about the British in war and about his time in captivity. I believe the conspiracy theorists. In the event that, during ages 1987 when he died, he had sickening mental and physical health. However, during his captivity he was known for committing suicide that it he got handcuffs in this jail cell in order to stop him from perpetrating suicide.

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I strongly believe that he was too old and ill to hang himself with an electrical cord. In the older years in the 1980’s when he was 86, he got to move around freely and watched television. I don’t understand how and why you would kill yourself with those conditions. His son stated in 1992: “Hess was a frail 93-year-old man with no strength left in his hands, who could just barely drag himself from his cell into the garden.” In fact, there was a suicide note in Hess’s pocket. Historians reported that the suicide note in his pocket was from 1969, when he had a perforated ulcer, and assumed that he would die in a given moment.

Historians believed that the suicide note had nothing to do with the situation in 1987. An evaluation during 1987 in a German news magazine Der Spiegel, saying that Gorbachev, leader of the Soviet Union, was bearing in mind to release him. So why would you kill yourself if you were about to get released to follow your family? In spite of historians saying it was true, there was no clear evidence of killing activity. An investigation in 1989 by the British Government proved there was no way to backup the claim. The autopsy clarifies that Hess killed himself.

However, his son reported that the British Secret Intelligence Service, which they could probably kill Hess in a technique that it looked like he killed himself. A theory rooted about 5 years ago, that Hess was a victim of an elaborate British Secret Intelligence Service sting, when he was convinced that the members of the Royal Family were willing to orchestrate a peace treaty with the Nazis.