John Feodorov

John Feodorov prides in the experiences he derived from his dual heritages as a Native American and Euro-American descendant. His birthplace was Los Angeles but he was also brought up in New Mexico. The cultural differences he experienced since he was born in 1960 have molded him into the artist he is. The stereotyping attached to the Native Americans culture made him delve into their spirituality to highlight the facts.

He refers to the modern era as the Age of Alienation because artists draw their inspirations from the problems in the environment. Overall Theme in John Feodorov’s Works Feodorov focuses on archetypes to explain different myths from the Native American culture. He develops art in a humorous maner that draws the audience to understand the stereotypes facing the Native Americans. He creates mythical objects and associates them with modern consumer items in order to reveal a sense of sacredness in the modern era. Example of Feodorov’s WorkAn example of his work is Emergence #4 produced in 2010 as acrylic on canvas with 72″ x 72″ in dimensions. The subject matter is based on emergency originating from an accident in the society.

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It is a painting with mythical creatures that can be interpreted as modern objects. Possible Meaning of the Artwork The painting represents the accident that happened in Church Rock, New Mexico and cullminated into the emission of radioactive elements in the environment. The radioactive materials contaminated the Rio Puerco River that could no longer be used by human beings. The Snake represents the river while the blue head depicts health problems and the red head signifies new scientific research from the accident. They would risk their health and animals would die from consuming that water. Contemporary Interests from the ArtThe contemporary issues raised from this art highlight the helplessness exhibited in human beings when accidents from human error emerge.

He compares the accident with others in the modern society such as the BP Oil Spill in Mexico. Feodorov associates the accident with medieval demon spirits that engulfed the earth.