Julia and Lee Compare and Contrast

In Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, by David Lubar, a freshman struggles with high school and his mother is pregnant.

Throughout the story, he learns how to survive high school. Julia and Lee are characters who have differences, however, they have similarities. These similaritiesare that they both like literature and poems. Differences include their social standing and they are conflictive on appearance. A clear difference is their social standpoint. Julia is a smart, popular girl who sits at the lunch table.

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Lee is a new girl who is unpopular and she gets bullied most of their time at school. Lee is usually called Weirdly. Julia has a boyfriend that is a senior and Lee is a single new girl. When Scott met Lee, he thought she was dressed for Halloween because of her piercings. Likewise, they both enjoy reading.

Julia, who is in Scott’s English honors class, where they learn literature and poems. Julia loves short stories. Lee is a girl who loves vampires poems, which is reading. Lee gives Scott poems that he loves but he is too scared to be seen with her. But if Julia gave him the poem, it would be a different story.

Furthermore, they have opposite appearances and personalities. Julia has long hair which she usually keeps in a side braid. To Scott, she is rated as a goddess. Julia has beautiful charisma and is sweet and kind, but she can’t see that there are conflicted people in this world, as she dates Vernon. Lee seems goth or punk, and unlike Julia, she is being herself. She is very outspoken and can be taken as a vile threat, even though she is a very pleasant to others.

This is also another theme in the story not to be judge people based on looks. Examples of this include when most people thought she was cruel with the piercings.