Juno Film Analysis

Juno is based on the story of a young sixteen-year-old girl finding herself pregnant. In the movie she is faced with choices leading her down different paths one would be the responsible option; abortion or adoption seeing as she’s not ready to deal with a child, or to keep the child after it’s born. In this movie maturity and immaturity are combined in shocking ways.

The moral of this film seems to run along the lines of; make your decisions wisely and to be protected if pre-marital sex is your choice.To be discussed, Juno’s immaturity to have unprotected sex without being able to deal with the consequences such as pregnancy. To somewhat correct her pregnancy situation she decided to give up the baby to a couple who can’t conceive but really want a child. Her choice to have sex was her own personal decision and she shouldn’t be judged for that. However, being unprotected especially at such a young age and not being ready for the outcome that is likely to occur was irresponsible and showed off her immorality.

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Obviously Juno didn’t take in a whole lot of consideration at that point in time leading her to her pregnancy. Having sex in general when she said “Cause I got bored and had sex with you and I didn’t want to like marry you? ” in reply to Paulie Bleeker. Although this quote most likely wasn’t true considering Paulies’ rebuttal showed evidence that she wasn’t bored and could have had something else to do if she want. Juno also shows her immaturity a lot through her dialogue using sarcasm and witty comebacks to produce her character.Looking at Juno as an immature character during some parts she shows it through her recklessness, lack of plan, and lack of thinking things through.

Her decision to give up the baby was mature. Juno probably didn’t realize how big of a decision that should have been but saw that as her only option. The good that came by the end of the movie was Juno giving the gift of life “sweet, screaming, pooping life” to someone unable to create it. The situation brought on by Juno and Bleekers’ childish actions and immature ways lead them, more specifically Juno to make a selfless act.By looking from Vanessa Loring’s point of view or aspect of things; she’s being given a child when she says “I was born to be a mother” so her wish is being granted.

This movie has promoted the idea that adoption for teen pregnancies is a good solution especially for a good cause. Looking at Juno as a mature character during other times she shows signs of compromise especially during the adoption. Juno displayed her lack of thinking and recklessness with her decision to her sex, not to mention unprotected sex at an age not ready to deal with the consequences and is a sure sign of her immaturity and the extent of her morality.Juno was very unprepared for the outcome and being as young and irresponsible with her inability to care for a child unprotected sex led her to a negative consequence. Starting off the movie we indirectly saw Juno and Bleekers’ very risky decision of having unprotected sex.

As the movie progressed through her pregnancy we saw her mature slightly as she took responsibility and changed the future for a woman incapable of conceiving children. By the end Juno had turned more into a young lady capable of handling her decisions with more care and consideration.