Just Do IT

There are times in life where you just have to suck it up and do it. It is when your body says no don’t but your heart just knows you have to. This essay you are about to read will show you that Taking risks in the only way to get ahead or succeed in life. In the heart touching novel “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes There is a young man named Charlie Gordon with an amazing heart and unexplainable bravery. Charlie is taking the risk of getting an operation that triples his I.

Q. of 68 to a 210. “I am going to have the opurashun and I don’t care if it herts”. (219 Keyes red) Charlie took a big risk there and it was a succeed but Charlie did not know that his smartness will wear off and it did. Charlie realized that you have to take risks to get ahead or just do what you want to and Charlie got his wish by being smart but for a small amount of time.

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“That’s why I’m going away for good I don’t want to do anything like that agen”. (Keyes 224) In the amazing book “The Hunger Games”. There is a girl named Katniss they takes the biggest risk of her whole life. “And as I heard the named be called I stood up and yelled I volunteer”. Katniss did not know what she just did but it was all coming to her now. Katniss had just volunteered to be in the Hunger Games, which is a battle to the death with the other districts.

Katniss did a very brave thing for her sister. Katniss had a very hard time in the games and got very hurt in the process. “I crash into the trees repeatedly swiping away the blood that’s pouring into my eye.(Collins 289) Katniss took a very big risk and saved her little sister. In the hysterical comedy “Hot Rod” A teenage kid named Rod Kimble is a stunt man himself is taking risks everyday by going off jumps on his motorbike. “Life is short Stunt it”.

Rod Kimble takes death defining risks by either locking himself in a metal box and being throw into a pool or jumping through a ring of fire. “Have you reinforced the take off ramp? No I didn’t have time… Cool. Rod loves being a stunt man and is planning on doing it his whole life. ” You’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit”. Taking risks is the only way to get ahead or succeed applies to my life.

Here is a time that I remember well. There was about three weeks left in the ski season and there was a jump that I had not tried yet, it is the biggest jump on the resort. I have heard stories of this jump and how people have got really hurt trying to clear it. The fist time I looked at this jump I saw a snowboarder that had broken both of his ankles. That made be really scared. I spent about one week in the smaller jump park just practicing jumps to get ready for the big one.

It was the second to last day that the resort was open and I knew I had to do it. I speed checked it around five times until I knew that I was ready. I stood before the jump and looked down and dropped in. I felt like I was going 100 miles an hour going towards it and I jumped it. It felt like I was in the air for a lifetime. And when I finally reached the ground I felt so relieved and I just skied down and laid in the snow and I felt great.

And at the point I knew that you have to takes risks to get ahead in life and succeed. And in conclusion the theme Taking risks is the only way to get ahead or succeed applies in my life and probably man others peoples lives to, and believe me if you take a risk everything will turn out good in the long run.