Key Club and Student Senate pursue hallway whiteboards

Before school let out for Thanksgiving break November 25, Arrowhead’s Key Club and Student Senate merged to support a new idea. The idea was to mount white boards in the hallways, ultimately save paper by avoiding the hassle of printing said senior Ian Rypkema. The two groups took advantage of the five day weekend to mount the boards throughout the school; and on Monday, December 1st, students arrived to a change. Sue Sharp, a substitute and retired teacher at Arrowhead says the whiteboards stood out and she noticed them right away.

Sharp says she is not sure what the purpose of the boards is, and if they are used wrong they could create a problem, but if they work she says it’s great and it is another way to communicate and let people know what going on. Sharp says her first reaction to the whiteboards was “Hay! Way cool! If these work, ya!” Stavros Skoufis, an Arrowhead senior and member of Student Senate says, “I see the boards as an idea that can bring potential and greatness to the school…Students are able to write things that will benefit everyone, and will have a great impact.

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I think in a way the boards can substitute for social media and keep people from looking at their phone so much. Instead they’ll be looking at the boards to see if anybody wrote something interesting.” Zachary Wesson, also a senior at Arrowhead, says he is a bit of an English nerd and has enjoyed writing poems on the whiteboards. “Stopping by the woods is one of my favorite poems and I figure its kind of appropriate for this time of year,” said Wesson. “I like to write random jokes, quotes, and poems.

I just like the idea of people reading something I wrote even if it wasn’t my words originally.” Wesson said he is just a little worried about inappropriate drawing and language. However, he said there are cameras located at each location of the whiteboards. Senior Ian Rypkema says he believes the whiteboards are a great step to take in going paperless. Rypkema says the boards are a good replacement for the tack strips and paper clamps in the hallways. If I see an empty spot somewhere on a whiteboard I’d like to add something,” says Rypkema.