Kfc full case study

Positive motivators are of crucial importance to your organization as these will: (1) create a “team spirit”, and (2) increase productivity. This is made possible by the use of eight basic motivators.

1 . Recognition: -To be respected for what you are, and being able to harvest returns for having done a good job. 2. Prestige: -The ability to being proud over ones position or achievements. For example being able to attend a good university.

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3. Achievement: 4. Appreciation: 5. Pride in job well done: 6.

Being able to influence: .

Responsibility: 8. Advancement Motivation Is crucial In the process of management. Without little or no motivation you, as a manger of an organization will not be able to get as much from your employees as you may need. Motivation is the driving force in people. It makes people feel committed to others, and feel responsible for the actions of an organization. Motivating to excellence deals with how to ensure a positively motivated team of employees.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KEF) the world largest chicken restaurant brand is targeting 00 quick service restaurants in India by 2010- end. The $12. 00 IN RSI. 751. 94- billion brand, which is owned by leading global restaurant company Yum! Brands, Inc.

That also owns other brand Like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Is present with 34 outlets across nine scales In country. The restaurant plans to close 2008 with a total of 50 stores.