Kodak Company

Management is the process of ensuring that an organization or company Is able to operate In both the Immediate and near future. When George Fisher take over the Kodak Company, he spent time to study for understand and analyses every part of Soda’s business. After he spent time on this Kodak business, he start to identify the problems in the business. This case study is aim to describe the how did Fisher solve all those problem by the management function, management roles and management skills.

Question 1 : Which management functions are evident being performed by George Fisher as CEO of Kodak? Explain the importance of these management functions. He has perform the four function of the management which are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

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Planning Planning involves identifying tasks that must be performed in order to achieve organizational goals, outlining how the task must be executed and the time suitable for the execution of tasks. Planning Is Important In determining the organizational success short term and long term future.

When Kodak Company was in the recession tag, George fisher has plan to design a strategy. His objective is be the world class leader in the digital imaging and processing. For achieving the goals, he plans to restructure its organization by resizing operations and set up of digital technology development department.

It also provided for debt reduction programs and to generate more financial resources to assist In Its digital division. Another strategic planning made by Fisher Is to expanding and penetrating Its photographic and digital imaging business to international market especially to Asia, Russia, India and Brazil.

Organizing Organizing involves assigning tasks, grouping tasks into departments, and allocating resources. A large part of the sale of its healthcare division and the house to pay off some of the products of the heavy debt Soda’s. Engineering and managers to set realistic goals and expectations to track their progress and achieve their goals. Stung up a new digital delve leading experience officer who has a variety of delta resources related to the field of digital equipment components.

Announced several products, and such as IBM, Microsoft and Sprint’s service alliance.

This is the way, he allocated a human and non-human resource. Leading Leading means using influence to motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals.

He gives a tough targets and expects Its managers to achieve them. He holds conversations with employees at the cafe and educate. He discusses with employees to guide them properly. He does not behave like a top level person butts treat his employees like family and friends. He welcomes their requests and mail them back. Various meetings are held with employees.

Compensation system are adjusted to reward those who are showing good performance. Controlling

Controlling Is concerned with monitoring employees’ activities, keeping the organization on track toward meeting Its goals and making correction as necessary. Tracks their progress in meeting their goals. He checks to see whether they are meeting the right criterion. Question 2: Which three managerial roles are evident being performed by George Fisher as CEO of Kodak? Explain the importance of these managerial roles.

Fisher is playing three types of roles: Interpersonal Figurehead Perform social and legal duties, act as symbolic leader. His responsibilities include the role of leader and interpersonal contact Leader

Direct and motivate subordinates, select and train employees. He is communication with employees. This allows them to have a good time. He always encourage questions from them. He asked them to send him an e-mail, and get the answer.

He has held a meeting with them and guide them. Liaison Establish and maintain contacts within and outside the organization. He has to fulfill his duties working relationship with foreign aid. It is with such as IBM (MOM), Microsoft and Sprint’s network of relationships. The company has several trade agreements with these companies.

Informational Monitor

Seek and acquire work-related information. Fisher tends to seek information about the issues that can affect the Kodak Company. These issues include declining earnings, slow growth, heavy debt and deflated employees. When he became the CEO of the company, these issues were prevailing and affecting the company to a great extent. Spokesperson Communicate/transmit information to outsiders. This activity is communicate or transmit information to outsiders.

Fisher will always participate the meeting or report progress. Decisional Entrepreneur Identify new ideas and initiate improvement projects.

Fisher believes in innovations and taking risks in this Kodak Company. Of photographic imagery, he plans to deal in digital imaging. He believes in replacement of old techniques and adopt new ones.

Digital imaging allows people to take photos, crop and printed electronically. Disturbance Handler Deals with disputes or problems and takes corrective action. He made the right decision when the company was in a terrible state. Heavy loans, less net income, unmotivated employees. These are the challenges faced by Kodak. Fisher tried to solve these problems by proportioning and resolved.

Resource Locator Decide where to apply resources. He has hired an expert from DCE to be the unit head of the new digital division, which comprises different digital resources. Question 3: Which management skills are evident being possessed by George Fisher as CEO of Kodak? Explain the importance of these managerial roles. Managers have complex Jobs that require a range of abilities and skills. George Fisher as a CEO of Kodak Company has possesses the managerial skill which are Technical skill, Human Technical skill is the understanding of and proficiency in the performance of specific asks.

Fisher is someone who specializes in the field of applied sciences. He knows the value of the photographic business in the coming years. He is well aware of the fact that this industry will grow substantially in the coming years. He leads a 18-hour study to see how to develop a better version of the technology. He uses his technical skills to beat the company’s competitors.

He considers the company’s expansion into international markets, and, from the point of view of marketing. He spends time daily study of each segment of the Kodak Company.

Human skill Human skill refers to a manager’s ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as part of a group. He is not as high a level of a person. He constantly updates their latest questions and concerns. He likes to build relationships with employees, Juniors.

He inspired to reward good performers. He encourages proposals and maintain a decentralized corporate culture. He has met with them. Conceptual Skills Conceptual Skill is the cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole and the relationship among its parts.

About his conceptual skills, Fisher has long-term goals f the evolution of digital photography technology.

He wants his company to become a world-class artist in digital imaging. He set some goals and expectations of his managers to achieve these goals. His plan also includes the company out of trouble. Because CEO is not so concerned about these issues, because the relationship between Fisher. His efforts will bear fruit in the future.

But it may take some time.