Komatsu Case Study

Kiwi’s performance and polices to make Comates Internationally competitive In cost and quality leads me to think he did a great job in his role. The company was growing in sales and increasing quality and cost, actually making CAT nervous about competing with Comates. 2.

Why did performance deteriorate so rapidly in the mid-sass? What grade would you give to Mr.. Angora’s term as CEO? 1982 marked the beginning of an era of falling demand, worldwide price wars, a rapid appreciating yen, and heightened trade frictions throughout the industry.

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Nagoya also focused more on cost cutting and aggressive sales tactics than he did on internationalization or the stagnating construction industry. I don’t think Nagoya was a great CEO because he ignored focusing on improving the company and instead tried to cut too man costs risking quality and holding the business back during his term as CEO.

3. How appropriately did Mr.. Tanana deal with the problems he inherited? What is your evaluation of his brief tenure as CEO? I believe Tanana dealt with the Issues pretty well with a good strategy to get away from overall growth and focusing on profits.

Although his strategy was well planned, Tanana lacked the leadership that would have made him more successful.

He did well in terms of profit, but failed to compete on market share against CAT, as had been the norm of his predecessors. 4. How effectively did Mr.. Kate take charge? How would you assess his new vision for the company? His new strategy? His new cultural and behavioral objectives? What grade would you give him for his performance? Kate effectively took charge and was able to return to good performance and connect his strategy with his management style.

Stead’s new vision for the company, including new company goals and culture, affected the entire company but because of his long-term commitment with Comates, employees were accepting and trusting of the changes he made.

Kate changed with the times and the Industry, putting Comates Dock Into competently Walt CIA Kate Autocue on active participation Walt all employees instead of a top-down directive approach. Employees, at all levels, were encouraged to bring ideas to management and be actively involved in the vision, path, and overall success of the company.