The film L.A Confidential Essay

The film L.A Confidential is a classic film that depicts the life and times of Los Angeles officers, who are drawn from different wings and put together to challenge crime. However, one factor that stands out is that the good and the bad cops in the film are not easily recognized. However, there is no doubt that Sergeant Edmund Exley is the greatest among those whom the task force has to offer.

This is because the officer knows when it is right and when it is wrong to practice some law enforcement. In this research, the term “best” is used to define character and street smart as opposed to the literal meaning. The paper discusses the aforementioned detective in much clearer detail in order to justify the statement that he is the best detective in the film.DiscussionConsidering the period that the film was shot, drugs, wars and all other types of evils were very rampant. Therefore, the task force did not require that someone is fully law abiding but also quite street smart. Therefore, Sergeant Edmund Exley (Guy Pearce) was the best detective in the film, and the actor was the best to act this part (Fisher 6).

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He was cleer and diligent, and this is what helped him to come out as the best detective.In the bloody Christmas scene, the detective shows his smarts, and this can be seen through the way he uses evidence that he has garnered to ensure that he is promoted and also that the bad cop is demoted. When two officers attack inmates, who are charged with brutally attacking officers in a jail, they obliviously decide not to recognize the authority of Exley ( 6). Therefore, he testifies against them, knowing too well that he will be promoted for honesty, and the officer who did the wrongs would be demoted or fired.

He also uses the tactic of threatening Vincennes to make him come out as a witness in the case. He does everything that makes him hated, but he told his captain Dudley Smith that he is ready to be hated when he upholds the law.When interviewing the three men who had been explicitly implicated on murder, the detective uses the brilliance of language while tricking them that other people who had been arrested had informed them of the attacks that they had committed at the scene. This leads to the men giving out information that iis actually quite helpful (Fisher 5). He is also very clever as he threatens Bud White that he will go down as his fellow officer, who was corrupt saying to him that he is going to get what he deserves.

This is good use of language in the sense that he does not sound commanding yet, but still he was threatening a bad officer.The officer is also logically sound. When doing investigations, he advises that there is no need of three officers who had found the hiding of the black men to challenge each other for the position but they should all go in and arrest them ( 4). This helps to avert a power struggle and is also a clever way of averting fight amongst the officers who all agree with his ideology.ConclusionIn conclusion, the film L.

A Confidential is a challenging one logically, but it is quite interesting at the same time. What makes the film good is the fact that Edmund Exley knows his boundaries and also is quite informed of the forces, but he does not wish to follow the ways of his father who was a bad cop. Therefore, it would be right to say that the detective in question is one of the best in the film.