Laptops are a valuable resource for students

Laptops are a valuable resource for students Laptops have changed the way school works. You used to have to have a notebook for each class, and struggled to write down your thought before the teacher continued talking. If you got home and found you didn’t understand your homework, you had to go to the library and look it up in a book, and you probably became even more confused by the complexity of their examples, and the way everything they described was deferent than the way your teacher taught you.

Your house used to eave a stack a mile high of old papers that you couldn’t throw away, Just In case you needed them again. Or new papers, that you were waiting for the few precious minutes to dig them out of the stack to work on them. Your books for school used to be used and abused, their pages falling out, highlights and annotations clouding the margins. Laptops have changed the way students work at school, for the better. One of the ways computers are useful in school is for taking notes.

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The average person can write about 20 words per minute, and type about 40 words per minute. Teachers can speak up to 200 words per minute. Being able to type faster than you can hand write increases the amount of information that you can put down without getting behind. After class, you can even go in and make comments beside your notes in different colors if you don’t understand something, or if you remember an important point that you forgot to put in. You can even highlight important information, so that your brain has an easier time focusing on the more relevant information.

I have heard many arguments stating both how online learning Is beneficial, and owe it is detrimental to the individual. Many of the people with the latter opinion are talking about online schooling. Online school can be great for certain people. However, online school isn’t what I mean by online learning. Online learning is going to one of the many websites out there, such as Khan Academy or KILL, or even going to a college website, such as MIT and viewing their video courses. These are amazing resources to use In order to gain a deeper understanding of a certain subject.

Laptops are great because you can store a plethora of Information on them, and array it all around with you wherever you go. Talk about easy to reach information! That essay that you started writing and now want to finish is right in front of you, rather than at your house under a pile of old papers and documents. One quick 2- second search and there it is, ready to edit. You can even get books to read for school on your laptop! Then, If you have a free minute while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or for your mother to finish shopping, you can read a few pages of your book. Unless you are a psychic and knew that you would have a free minute, and cited to bring your book, you probably wouldn’t have, because it adds more weight and bulk to your bag. Laptops are valuable for students.

Students are able to take faster, better notes.