Lead the Revolution

If i were a moderately wealthy and well educated creole living in Venezuela i would be happy. And if i learned about the Enlightenment through my education i then i would support Venezuela and it’s independence. I would feel great pride and loyalty towards my country. I would join in the rebellion and support the change.

I would rally my people and country men and lead them to a better way of life. We would grow economically from our revolution and others would soon follow. We would bring independence to all of spain. First we would rebel and i would lead them. We would go from town to town and convince everyone to join us.

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Then we would gather all of our weapons in case the government tried to stop us from gaining our freedom. Then we would march on the capital. Before marching on the capital i would train my troops to fight. Of course i will be the most skilled of all, whether it’s with a gun or a sword. Once the training is done we would go to the capital peacefully and ask to have a meeting and talk about becoming independent and a democracy. Eventually they would have to give in and spain would be a democracy This is what would happen if i lead them in a rebellion