Leadership Argumentative Essay

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” These simple words, the words of John C. Maxwell, relay just what leadership is—both a challenge and a reward. A truly extraordinary leader is a person who can set a good example, whether or not they are trying to.

This calls for plenty of self-discipline, but knowing that others can count on you is worth it in the long run. Such a life is not only self-satisfying, but influential. Being a guiding figure can make a positive impact on an environment as basic as your own household; leadership has no actions too infinitesimal. Even the seemingly smallest changes you implement as a leader can make a big difference and serve as an enhancing factor of your character. This is by far one of the most significant rewards that comes with a strong sense of leadership.

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The overall satisfaction that leadership has to offer is what makes its challenges so justified. The only real tribulation to being a good leader is having balanced characteristics that make your ideas more easily perceived by those who follow. The challenge is in being close enough to your piers to be able to connect to them, but far enough ahead to where you can still motivate them. It is in being confident, but not cocky; being modest, but not shy, and being considerate, but not passive. Leadership is an admirable quality that is present in most, but utilized by few to its full potential.