Learning Doesn't Equal Grades

I believe that grades don’t reflect what you learn.

In Freedom Writers Erica states “You feel like you’re doing all this hard work for nothing”. I agree with Erica because grades can always be influenced by something. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. Your attitude towards the teacher can influence your grade also. Many times its favoritism maybe because you’re a certain race or play a sport and you’re the star player for that team.

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Other times the teacher just doesn’t like you On other occasions the student will be supper smart but not able to take testes because they get distracted easily. I feel like sometimes teachers give out good grades so the wont get yelled at by parents, coaches or students. Not all teachers are like that but some can get manipulated easily. This reminds me of my eight grade teacher Mr. Parker.

He was an awesome teacher but he would always send me out for talking of misbehaving. But for some strange reason I always had a B or an A in his class. Also when parent teacher conferences came around he had nothing but nice things to say about me. I believe he was very lenient with me. Therefor from personal experience I believe that grades don’t reflect on how much you learn.