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Exercises play an integral role in not only the management of cancer but also preventing the disease from getting into one’s body. According to Payne, 2008, exercises have the potential to reduce incidences of cancer by up to 40 percent. The strongest effect has been in colorectal and breast cancer. Once cancer diagnosis has been made, many medical experts urge patients to engage in exercises in order to improve surgical outcomes, reduce symptom experience, manage all side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, maintain physical function, improve psychological health, reduce fat gain and bone loss.

There is ample evidence that exercise increases survivorship from cancer by up to 60 percent. It is only exercises that can reverse the adverse effects of androgen deprivation therapy by leading to increase in muscle mass. People with breast and prostate cancer can reduce the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular disease by engaging in regular exercises. Other diseases that can be avoided by these patients through exercises include obesity, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and sarcopenia.In order to market services that relate to exercises among cancer patients in the community, the first step should involve presenting the scientific facts relating to cancer and exercises. Once people understand the facts, it is easy for the marketer to win their confidence.

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Secondly, it would be ideal to assure the members of the community that they do not have to necessarily change their lifestyles overnight in order to create room for a fitness regimen. The next step would be to create room for members of the community try out different exercising equipment free of charge. During these free training sessions, the next task would be to present cancer and exercise facts to members in an interesting manner. Lastly, ensuring that posters with crucial cancer and exercise-related brochures, posters and newsletters are provided to many people would be a priority.