Learnings from Sun Tzu Strategy

The taste of the pizza was usually found to be very bland and tasteless, by the people of India, who are usually used to having spicy food.

* Pizza Hut experiments with new products frequently, with less successful ones being discontinued. * One of the major change that Pizza hut implemented on its entry into India is the introduction of the various new flavours of Pizza to suit the Indian taste buds. * A major revolution was brought about in the enus.

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For example, * The pizzas were made spicy and chilly flakes were provided along with them for those who liked to have their pizzas spicy. south India, the pizza came in a new variety which had the kokam powder sprinkled on it to match the taste requirements in south India, while retaining the international look and feel of the traditional Pizza Hut pizzas. * Earlier, Pizza Hut dominated in providing Non vegetarian food.

But on popular demand & with market forecasting, they launched a vegetarian menu in the city of Bangalore.