Lets Make a Deal

The show, “LET’S MAKE A DEAL,” is a kind of a game which involves one or more contestants competing for certain prizes like money. The game provides a format in which to play. There are always high chances that the contestants win prizes. It is important to note that prizes to be won vary. Such prizes are usually concealed, for instance in the sealed boxes, behind the curtains or locked behind the doors.

The example given indicates that a million dollars ought to be won. In order to increase the chances of a contestant picking the right door, the host offers to open on of the empty doors, thus leaving the contestant with only two options to pick from. Technically, any contestant on stage ought to win since before his or her selection to the stage, he or she must have traded something in turn. In this game, winning a present is certain. Once the contestant picked his/ her preferred door, it is portrayed that his chances of winning is 33.3%.

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Switching to another door therefore implies that he/she has got 66.6% of emerging victories. From the game, it is clearly shown that the one million dollars were concealed in one door, thus implying that the remaining door is empty. From my personal argument therefore, it will be wise for the contestant to switch from his door of choice to the other one, which stands a high probability of winning the cash. Usually, the hosts are aware of what is entailed in the concealed boxes.

The option of changing the selected door for the other one therefore meant higher chances of winning. In most cases, the hosts advices the contestant on stage on while giving him/her a hint of emerging successful in his /her guesses.