Let's Take School to the Real World

High School students should really not study irrelevant subjects in school. Part of the school lessons don’t even prep us for the real world we are all going to enter after we all graduate. Tupac can be a good example of a person worth studying, we will get examples no matter good or bad we can all get something off of him. Tupac is a very controversial person. Tupac had a very dual personality and had been inspired by Malcolm X, Like Mr.

X, he had had a activist side to him but Pac showed it less although he did started a campaign at his high school in. Tupac had man songs talking about the problems in the world. His publisher said “Tupac wasn’t afraid to say it.” this of course means that if he wanted to say something well tupac was going to say it. Just like was inspired by Malcolm X, well Tupac did the same to like hip hop artist of today such like J.

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Cole, Kendrick Lamar .ect. Jermaine(J. Cole) in spasific also rapped and had music also talking about our problems in politics, Families, And the streets. Pac rapped about things in common like the real struggles. Tupac like us was also very educated himself, He moved a lot so he had gone to three different schools.

He attended Baltimore School of Arts, he certainly did not finish his education there after his family relocated after brooklyn and baltimore now he finally came to california. He had big dreams as a youth, Pac had poems written incredible,” his poetry also opens many door for us to look into his soul” Michael Eric Dyson said in his book about tupac Holla If You Hear Me. Tupac has two sides to him, one of which no regular person on the streets if you asked out the blue would know. Everyone who just head the name Tupac Shakur would think “oh yeah he’s a killer” or ” oh yeah that thug thats rapped California Love”. Well in reality pac was emotional, “He cried around me a lot he was man enough to cry; he would always tell you that.

” One of Tupac’s friends, he would protect his thug image.he was more willing to expose his heart. No matter if they lived in the Bronx, Harlem , or in homeless shelters Pac was distressed, ” I remember crying all the time. My major thing growing up was i couldn’t fit in. Because I was from everywhere.

” Tupac stated. “Tell me where to go from here? ‘Cause even thugs cry.” a line in the song Only God Can Judge Me this really shows me and maybe someone reading this that even Thugs have a said where they cry, Pac was a thug so this really just shows that he cries and he is not afraid to hint it to the world. Tupac is a great example of how we can be and not to be in that thing we will enter in two years “The real world.” even to the ones who think they are all thug or hard, You have the emotional side in them.

We all have that side. It’s called being human, even if Tupac was a thug and even if he shot cops, he was still a two sided person. We can also learn to not hide that side which is now defined as the “soft” side and expose our heart and that we all have those few people to depend on and to show confidence. Yes an education is good but we need to study things that will actually impact us like Law, things that are actually a problem in the world right now. Tupac shows us to be yourself and do what we want and not be ashamed of it and to pursue what we want.