Life Metaphor Analysis Paper

Life’s Descriptions Life is one of those words that can be shaped however one may please and turned into an idea suited for themselves. For example, “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop” (Brown). There are many metaphors used to describe life depending on whether it is an optimistic or pessimistic view. Two comparisons some may make about life are having to do with having their life course mapped out and then, to its polar opposite, going through each day without a clue.

For instance, when one says “life is the clouds” they are referring to having life figured out and then thinking of it as “life is wearing a blindfold” has a different take on it expressing not knowing which choice to make next because you do not know where you are going. There are those who seem to be born with great intellect and direction knowing each and every step they are going to make and also those that have trouble figuring out the simple tasks.

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For people who may sometimes find themselves feeling they are stuck in a rut in life they should remember that life can be seen as steady planned out routines but can then also be viewed blindly with every step depending on how they choose to view it themselves. If going through life optimistically, one may see the “life is the clouds” metaphor as a fitting description. When trying to understand the meaning behind this metaphor, an understanding of the clouds is necessary. They go through the ongoing cloud cycle.

Specific meteorologists who study clouds’ basic routine and function, better known as nephrologists, know what is to follow in a cloud “life”. So, with that, comparing one’s life to that of a cloud’s shows that they know or have a strong idea of what is to come. For example, “The sun always shines above the clouds” (“Quotes About Clouds). People look at clouds with some sort of positivity. People who seem to go through life with ease are usually those who set goals and deadlines for themselves to keep it on track.

They have given themselves high standards which in turn means that they value themselves because they expect to meet those standards or even possibly exceed them.

These kind of people can be found anywhere. They are those who graduated at the top of their class or those coworkers who get the promotion above everyone else with seemingly little effort. They are looked at to have some sort of “perfect” aura about them. They are naturally above the required standards. Most people life this come from two main backgrounds.

One, coming from a great background with a loving family that has always given support and praise with two parents who have each gone out and received their own well developed education. Another, being that of a person who has seen a lot early in life and has gone through many struggles and has made a vow to work hard and make something of themselves to be proud of. In contrast, pessimists will resonate with the “life is wearing a blindfold” metaphor. When a person is blindfolded they have no sense of sight. It has them relying on their other senses which in turn does not have them steadily with their “eye on the prize”.

This can also become an irritant to the person and make them want to give up and possibly settle in their current spot because they do not have any vision.

Figuratively speaking, they see no vision for their life. This can also be described as simply not knowing which way is right while going through life. If looked at a bit more deeply, there are different dimensions to this. It can be from a minor take. For example, a recent high school graduate who just simply has no idea as to what to do next with themselves because they just had a news flash that life will not be as simple as it used to be.

Then, to the more extreme, like someone who is depressed all the time and unhappy because they have no sense of direction on where to take themselves.

They may have had to give up and settle for something they did not necessarily want because of certain life happenings. The blindfold would represent darkness which, people who struggle coincide that with feelings they have being in a “dark” place in their life. All in all, life has its up and downs but it is up to the individual to decide whether they will choose to stay in that rut and keep a blindfold on or to keep it moving with the clouds.

Being optimistic brings out confidence which then leads to posterity and people who have that as a goal come to a realization and acceptance that “life is the clouds”. Having a gloomy and depressing way of carrying out your life and not putting the effort to try and see beyond what is not visible has a person with the interpretation that “life is wearing a blindfold”.

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