Life of Meaning and Purpose

Being human is understood in various ways. Scientists have come up with the ways that try to explain what being human is all about. In Christian perspective, being a human is about reaching out to the fellow human beings. The Jewish believe about understanding and empathizing with the poor. Being human requires us to help fellow human beings when they are in need.

Many Christians have got it wrong by avoiding the people considered to be “sinful”. They have over the years treated them as the outcast. Many people do wrong things like engage in crime as a result of their suffering. Thieves will steal because they need food to put on their table for their families. Instead of judging them and condemning them, we should guide them on the right path of life.

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This kind of guiding should also come with the solutions to their problems. Father Boyle extended his human nature to the street gangs by talking to them and guiding them in the right path of life. He went ahead and started rehabilitation centers that included training for the street gangs. He formed an organization called Homeboy Industries that provided training to the street gangs. This ensured that the street gangs found his teachings making sense because he not only talked to them, but also helped them to find solutions to their problems. Being human is about being there for fellow mankind when they need us.

Sometimes the kind of help another person needs involves very little effort on our part. This little effort may be a big deal and difference to another person’s life. If someone can be able to cater for education for another person, he should go ahead and do it. Educating a person can help the person abundantly in future as he will be able to get decent employment in the future. This will help the person to avoid criminal activities in the future with the excuse that they need to feed their families.

Being human is about one going out of his way to assist another. It is about empathizing with the fellow human being.Life of Meaning and Purpose Human beings believe the purpose of life is to be happy. From the moment a child is born, it wants happiness. The child will cry on every discomfort so as to be taken back to its comfort zone. Human beings have strived over the years to ensure that they are happy.

A feeling of fulfillment makes us all enjoy the deeper purpose of life.A life of meaning and purpose requires one to follow the teachings of their Supreme Being. Christians follow the teachings in the Bible. One needs to have a clear conscience and strive to lead a clean life. One needs to see the other people as his own brother or sister.

We are all brothers and sisters and so one should do to their neighbor as they would want them to do to them. According to Father Boyle, one needs to be conscious around his fellow men. He should avoid taking part in acts that would subject him to cause harm to fellow man. Every human being has a purpose to fulfill in this life. One should try to find the purpose and try to fulfill it.

Human beings can only be at peace if they fulfill their intended purpose in life. There are various ways that one can be able to lead a life of meaning of purpose. From the onset, it is crucial to understand that happiness and suffering are all in the mind. One can choose to be happy or not. In order to achieve purpose in life, one should be able to have peace of mind. The easiest way for one to achieve meaning and purpose of life is to have love and compassion.

The more we care for others, the more we feel like we have fulfilled a purpose. By doing the small acts that are major to someone else makes us a better person. Different people visualize finding purpose and meaning of life differently. Some people think that having flash cars and leading a life full of money makes have a sense of fulfillment of the purpose of life. They believe that being happy is all about havving world things. This, however, is not true as world things can come and go.

It’s the inner things in our hearts that leave us feeling happy and having fulfilled our purpose of life. The meaning and purpose of life is to serve God and a fellow man. Father Boyle shows this by taking a bold stand to go and intervene in the lives of street gangs. He believes that these street gangs have emptiness in their life that needs to be filled. He, therefore, goes and talks to them, preaches to them so that they can change their lives. He goes ahead and trains them on basic skills that can help them to get employment.

Father Boyle is able to succeed in getting many boys and girls rehabilitated and change their lives because he does not discriminate them. He treats them like human beings which makes it easier for the street gangs to change their ways. They call him ‘father G’. He believes that some human beings need to be guided and assisted to find their purpose and meaning of life.Many street boys transformed their lives after the intervention of Father Boyle. The Homeboy Industries were able to give the necessary skills the street gangs needed desperately.

The led a life of meaning and changed their evil ways. This according to Father Boyle gave him a sense of fulfillment and purpose of life. Father Boyle claims that for every life changed from the street gangs, he believed he had fulfilled his purpose in life. His calling and purpose were to help mankind to change their evil ways and lead a Godly life. Everyone should help the stray person to come back to a decent life. By avoiding them and discriminating against them makes them more rebellious and lose focus onto what is their true purpose of life.

Many people have not yet identified what is their true purpose of life. This is because they lack guidance and means to understand and what is the true purpose and meaning of life. When someone has not found their true purpose of life, they lead a miserable life full of anxiety.