Literary Analysis Kite Runner

Misael Gaspar Theme: A subject or topic on which a person writes or speaks: a proposition for discussion or argument in the text. Ex: ‘’I’m thirty eight years old and I’ve found out my whole life is one big fucking lie! ” (Hosseini 222). Analysis: In The Kite Runner, by Barbara Kingsolver. Learn to love your brother as you love yourself, learn to respect them as well because love and respect is something you earn.

Assssss Hassan was both physically and mentally strong with Amir, which demonstrated a lot about their relationship with one another.In the beginning of the novel, Amir receives a phone call from a past friend wanting him to return to Pakistan, bringing him closer to what he had left behind; a past of untold secrets. Hosseini describes how Amir didn’t want to leave America and face his true identity back in Pakistan, but analyzing the situation, he realized he had to come face his fear and find who really was. Later when he arrived, he met up with Rahim Khan, where he explained that the Hazara boy (Hassan’s child) and Amir was truly brother’s by blood. Ali was a sterile man who raised Hassan, but had not fathered him since Hassan’s true father was Baba.

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The secret had been kept between Baba and Rahim Khan throughout the lives of Amir and Hassan. Amir was very upset and yelled …”I’m thirty eighty years old and I’ve found out my whole life is one big fucking lie! ”(Hosseini 222). Later in the book, it is emphasized to Amir that he has to look for Hassan’s child, Sohrab, to guide him and protect him as he was his nephew. ‘’ Amir saw similarities in Sohrab that he had once seen in Hassan. There is way to be good again” (226). Rahim Khan was one of the few men that knew everything that occurred in Amir’s Life.