Live Healthier, Live Poorly

Live Healthy or Live Poorly Have you ever realized what fast-foods can do to your body? Have you ever wondered how much sugar there is in an oatmeal breakfast at Mcdonalds vs. a normal sneakers bar? All these fast-foods might taste good, but they are not healthy for you. Teenagers should be aware of the effects fast-foods can cause to your health. Teenagers should be aware that fast-foods aren’t healthy even though the foods taste delicious.

Healthy Foods Might Not Be So Healthy “McDonald’s Oatmeal, contains more sugar than a sneakers bar and (is) only 10 fewer calories than a McDonalds cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin” (Mark Bittman). This shows that in order for McDonalds healthy food to taste delicious, they would have to use sugar. McDonald’s Oatmeal has as much sugar as 32 bowls of Quaker Instant Oatmeal or 2 Starbucks cafe lattes, or 1.1 Snickers bars.

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As much saturated fat as 3 McDonald’s kiddie cones or 5 toasted bagels. As much calories as 3 McDonalds Caesar salads, or 6.4 Burger King Chicken Tenders.” It’s not just the food’s fault but it’s the people who make them which would be the restaurants fault such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and etc. Just to think that all of the calories and sugar are put into one “Healthy” breakfast is not that healthy people say they are. Healthy food from fast-food places, may not be so healthy at all! Junk Food=Health Problems Definition of Diabetes: A disease that affects your body’s ability to be able to properly produce the sugar your body needs, which can also be called Insulin.

Without Insulin your body’s main source starts to build up which can cause high blood sugar. Heart disease is a big problem when it comes to eating too much junk food. The major things that can cause heart disease would be Blood Pressure. Heart disease can cause many problems both physically and emotionally. Energy levels can fulgurate when you eat too much fast-food. Eating too much junk food can cause your energy level to go down meaning you will feel lazier than before.

You will fall asleep a lot more than before and you will even be lazy to wake up and use the bathroom. Energy levels can lead to Obesity. Obesity is a major problem that is happening today. “In the last few years, Burger King and Wendy’s all have introduced 1,000-calorie-plus sandwiches stuffed with 12 ounces of beef” (Lisa R. Young). This proves that what people eat now a day’s are the answer to why obesity is a major problem to this day.

” There are about 33.8% of adults and if we keep eating junk food, in 2015 2.3 million adults will obese!” If people keep eating junk food from fast-food places this will happen eventually. Exercise Does Things You Don’t Know About! (In A Good Way) “Researchers find that even those at high risk for this disease can prevent or delay its onset with a half an hour exercise five days a week, and by losing a small percentage—5 to 7%– of their body weight.” Yes, I know how sometimes you’re just too lazy to exercise, but trust me it will solve all your problems.

Exercise is the solution for everybody and if teenagers won’t start now, than our over-weight percentage will keep rising. The solution to our problem would be to exercise. It’s fine to eat junk food once in a while, but when it’s every day, that’s not right. Exercise prevents heart disease, energy levels, obesity, and Diabetes from happening. We can prevent a lot of things that may happen to our body such as Respiratory System issues which is when fat starts to build up inside your chest and your lungs, that causes you difficulty breathing. When that happens you would need an inhaler to help you breathe right.

What Teenagers Might Think In my opinion Teenagers might say, “So, It’s our choice on what we eat and what we do to our body.” It’s true they do have a choice on what they. Teenagers have a choice on what they eat but as long as they exercise. Teens can join a sport or an after school activity so it can help them be healthy such as; cheerleading, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, gulf, track, and etc. From my personal experience I eat A LOT of junk food and knowing that it’s not healthy, I decide to join a sport which is cheerleading.

Yes, you have no time for sports, but it will help you stay healthy and you’ll learn to love it. So from that, exercise more and eat less junk food. Stay healthy!