LOL Shakespeare

OMG 2b or not 2b that is the ?. Imagine reading a whole essay on your favorite Shakespeare play like that; an ever-growing language that happens to be replacing Standard English.

Text essays are becoming more and more common in English classes, and the fad quite often offend the teachers having to read them. Texting not only has infiltrated our cars and homes, but have steadily begun a hostile takeover of our classrooms. Many may think that teens would prefer this shorthanded lingo, but junior Allison C. had this to say, “I think it’s terrible, honestly. I don’t think it’s at all appropriate or professional, although I can see it maybe being okay if it’s a quick rough draft. And, it’s scary that teachers let students get away with it.

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” To concur with Chambers thoughts, senior Lukas L. expressed his feelings about the topic, “I hate when people use text lingo in real life. They’re ruining the English language.” Because this generation is growing up in a technological epoch, students may not even realize that they are using these slang terms in the class room. In many cases, younger teachers are seeing this jargon, but are not correcting it because of the increase in usage of social media sites. Some argue that this text messaging craze is an evolution of the English language, but others say that it shows decay.

Teacher Debbie Vajner, a woman who went as far as to buy a cellphone blocker for her classroom, is a firm believer that texting does not have a place in papers. “As a teacher and mom, I would not allow it. All my students have to use proper English, complete sentences when writing answers, even vocab definitions. If they don’t learn and used “proper written” English, then all levels of communication will drop.” Bad habits are even showing up in college applications, seeing the sentence structure worded in a more conversational manner. Habits like these could be nipped in the bud if parents and teachers worked with the students and stress the importance of proper English.

L8r, readers.