Loneliness Narrative Essay

Loneliness is not something anybody wants. Feeling lonely is like being empty with no way of food or drink.

Most people live their lives and end up happy with a nice family friends and an entire community of people that they can say are their friends. But there are the rare cases of people that don’t either communicate that well or just are not people persons. This feeling of being lonely can cause great amounts of stress and depression. Of mice and men showed what loneliness can do to a person. Lennie was never actually alone physically, but he knew that he had nothing to hold onto or to live for. Teenage loneliness is a very serious problem.

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During the teenage years kids are learning how to interact, make friends and be active, participate in events. A lot of teenagers stride to be the most popular, or to be known by everybody which is not always a good thing but it is better than being lonely. Teenagers tend to be bully’s and pick on other kids and embarrass them. That makes it harder for a child to branch out and meet people. The whole idea of going to school is not only to get an education that will last you all of your life, but also to make friends that will last you all of your life.

Lennie was a very big strong man. He was a migrant worker with not a bright though in his head. He had a very big heart and was compassionate but had a problem with hurting things. His right hand man George was a smaller man but had a sense of how things work and knew what he needed to do to survive in the world and make things happen. But every time George would make a move to help himself and Lennie out, Lennie always found a way to mess it up. Lennie had a mouse that was on of the closest things that he had to a friend.

He didn’t even harm it first. The mouse was soft and gentle with Lennie so he was soft and gentle back. But Lennie was departed from his only friend when his partner George made him get rid of it. Although teenagers being lonely now a days, and grown man being lonely in past times are very different and not alike. Loneliness is the same no matter who is going through it. Everybody comes from somewhere.

We can’t all get along with everybody but the people that we can get along with we should. Because going crazy because you haven’t talked to anybody. There is no way you can get around it. My outtake on loneliness is that you are only lonely if you want to be. Nobody makes you be by yourself, it might be what you need to do at the moment but not where you need to stay in life.

Every body needs somebody and if you are a lonely person you should walk outside and make new friends.