Looking Past the Textbooks

Athletics are just as important to a student’s development as education. People do not value the importance of sports as much as they value education. Education should be a high priority to everyone.

Learning does not just benefit a person, but a whole country; however, athletics teaches things that books cannot. Things that are necessary in making an individual. Sports do a lot for students to make them a stronger person mentally. Being involved with athletics creates work skills and requires self-discipline and respect for coaches and other peers. Setting goals and pursuing them is something that textbooks cannot teach, but setting and achieving goals is and integral part of sports and is one of the most important factors in being successful with anything in life. Athletics also teaches a person to manage time wisely between juggle homework, practices, games, and a social life.

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Not only do sports keep one in shape mentally, but also physically. Health is a growing issue in this country, from obesity to anorexia, but staying fit for sports and having coaches who know the right exercises helps students avoid those situations. Students learn what their bodies need to make them stronger and better suited for their sport. In football, for instance, it is better to be more muscular and heavier set, these athletes might eat a bigger diet. Sports can teach the importance of physical exercise throughout adult life.

Working with people is an ability that all humans need to learn. Sports can teach self-discipline and enable students to push themselves to be better, so that they may better benefit a team. Sports also teaches students to get along with people. Everyone will need to learn how to react when there is controversy, one thing many humans are starting to lack. Skills that are taught in athletics are needed for everyday life outside of the games and practices. Students learn respect, self-discipline, work habits, and a healthier life-style from sports.

Many skills are taught outside of a classroom and sports arena.