I would consider using all of the alternatives to boost and maximize its accuracy and make sales up to 1,000,000 / year.

Therefore I will use the method of relate sales to forecasted (include sales expense budget) Even though Zebu and Dave is the lace where Anna want to market her product (consider it as large geographical areas) it may involve high risk for her. So I would rather consider Luzon (manila) as her sales territories that in reality have a high market potential for achieving the sales despite of how Zebu and Dave are large segregate.

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So, if in 1 territory have estimate industry sales potential for Swish flow fan of 1,000,000/ year, the quota might be set at 25 % of the potential or 250,000. The 25% figure represents the market share of growth that Krishna estimates to be reasonable target. This 250,000 quota may represent sales over last year that is expected from recently new launch products.

First, for effective forecast, effectively dating of each sale must take into account. Since this is a yearly evaluation, data and results should be shown by period.

The results of 1,000,000 sales budget must be attain at a year and the 25% growth per Hear for subsequent for years. The risk involved here is that the chosen market area may have a large number of competitors at the same industry. Since your sales territories are within Luzon were {Our sales office was located, resources needed are reachable and process of sales Nil be easy. So, you may sell your products with ease and you can market your product accordingly consider your office is near and reachable for communication Ninth other department.

Second, consider the number of sales calls and expenses and must be included. This will give your evaluation a complete data of possible sales from quotas. Third, planning the sales calls is a one factor to be considered. It’s a source of future sales and may build customer relationship. Fourth, to be able to achieve your sales quotas, it is not enough to rely on sales forecast but opposing exert an extra effort in selling by means of good sales strategy. E expected results (shown in table below) may help you to evaluate performance, each activity is assigned a quota.