Mac Vs PC

Various arguments have emerged concerning the cost between Macs and PCs. These arguments have generally involved various hard facts and persistent myths. It has been quite hard to decide on to chose between a PC and a Mac since users of either of the systems have been loyal fiercely. Several obvious differences and similarities have been observed in relation to the PC and Mac such as the software and operating system.

Hardware Despite the fact that PC and Mac run on different operating systems, they are made up of a similar hardware since they have hard drives, CPUs and RAM. Apparently there is no visible difference in function and appearance of both systems’ internal components. The modern types of both systems have in-built integrated card readers for, SDHC, SD, micro SD and MMC cards plus CD/DVD drives (Lance). The Apple system has three to four models variations which include MacBook Pro, MacBook and iMac and it happens that windows might be less equipped than Apple in some ways but it is quite at par when it comes to others.

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Software Both PC and Mac have been known to have many of the programs and applications compatible with them. Although Mac software range is limited than PC, the Mac version is found in many PC applications (Parkerson). There is very few software contained in either of the two that is not found in the other. Some of the media management and graphics programs found in either programs are almost indistinguishable from the other. Data processing It is a general fact that both Mac and PC programs processes data required to run programs; both input and output. Due to their similarities in their similarities in their internal components, it happens that their data processing speed is more or less the same.

Competition between the hardware developers for these two systems facilitates the production of faster data processing. Internet browsers The Macs and PCs have internet browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Chrome running on them. One can easily and quickly browse the internet regardless of the computer they are using since the browsers are technically designed to be user friendly. To facilitate navigation,both are user-customizable and apparently support tabbed browsing. USB (Universal Serial Bus) They allow one connect devices to the computer since they both use Universal Serial Bus technology. A big number of the available USB devices can connect to either the PC or Mac (Jobs).

Files can be stored on an external hard drive that is formatted using FAT32 through a USB port on either PC or Mac. It is possible to connect an MP3 player, USB flash drive or smart phone to either Mac or PC. Several differences that appear to be distinct emerge between PC running a windows version and a Mac computer running a Mac operating system version. These differences make the decision to which computer is better than the other to rely on personal preference and the use of the computer. The difference between the two systems does not lie on the physical computer only, but also on running of the programs and organization of the files. Mouse and keyboardThe fact that Macs have only one mouse button unlike PC which has two makes one major difference between PCs and Macs (Charlie).

If one wishes to right click using the Mac, before clicking the mouse button they must first hold down the control found on the keyboard. The two also happen to have different command buttons on their keyboards. Mac for instance has an Apple key used for keyboard short cuts while PCs control key is used differently. Macs Apple key is essentially the comparable of the PCs control key on the keyboard. File organization The lack of a start up menu or button in Mac brings about another major difference between Macs and PCs. One opens the finder window in order to open a program or locate a file by clicking the blue face icon that is located on the desktop at the bottom of the disk drive that is mostly referred to as Macintosh HD or desktop (Jobs).

Mac uses the spotlight feature for the purpose of locating a file or opening of a program. The magnifying glass located on the top right-hand side corner in the top of the desktop is clicked. Accessing information A Mac has a Dock unlike a PC which has which contains a bar that runs along the bottom of the screen with all it windows and programs openedd. The availability of a Dock in Mac allows the drugging of icons from different programs from their eventual folders for faster opening. Programs appear on the Dock with an arrow beneath them when they are open to show they are indeed open and running.

Clicking on the program on the Dock brings the open program up to the front of the screen particularly if it is behind any open and running program. Closing programs Since PCs uses windows, closing of a program requires clicking of the red X that is located at the right upper corner of the window program. Mac however has a different case since the clicking of the red X on its program box only closes that window but leaves the program open and running although documents or windows might not be open. Mac thus requires a user to click on the program name of an active program followed by clicking quit. Clicking control + Q is the shortcut way that closes all multiple windows which may be open under the running program.

Cost The cost between a PC and a Mac is the most obvious discrepancy between them. Macs are quite expensive as they range from around $1000 to $3000 while PCs can even be found for as little as $400 due to the more memory, faster processors and better video chips found in Macs. The use of durable, lightweight materials such as aluminum is the key contributors of the high cost of Macs. Macs are also preferred by many users due to their high-capacity computers which are capable of running a number of editing, design, and animation processes at the same time. Macs also have an advantage of experiencing less worms, viruses and Trojans.

Those who use Mac are considered to see the world in a similarity light therefore expressing a desire that can be perceived to be different and unique. A reflection of this is in their aesthetic choice such as bold colors and highly stylized art. Those who prefer Personal computers (PC) see the world as different already and greatly appreciate to be accustomed with them. Due to the similarity of many PC’s to Apple’s products, it is quite hard to point out which is superior to the other. It is thus advisable to let the decision on the user as per their preference.